Abstract Expressionism


Bring a story into your space...

Images for my work come from both abstract concepts and concrete experiences. This current series called Broken/Whole is a series depicting childhood experiences from Vietnam. My mother often tells a story about me as a child running through our house in, at the time, Saigon and calling out “Fireworks! Fireworks!” These were not the sounds of Lunar New Years firecrackers, but distant sounds of the shelling of the city. What these young ears did not know was of a war that was raging outside the door, a war that was devastating the land and dispersing its people. Even though the sounds of destruction is only a distant and forgotten memory, the experience of loss and separation continued throughout my life time. The struggle to find home and identity in a foreign land became a continual process of weaving several different tapestries together and contracting a new story from a fragmented life.

These four paintings is both a construction and deconstruction of a canvas. They are a testimony of the skin thin divides between all of us and within ourselves. They speak of the tension between becoming whole and the beauty that can be found in brokenness.

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