Which Christianity/Whose Jesus?


In today’s time and climate, these questions must be asked, and there are competing and revival versions of these answers. I’m trying to set the record straight. The right answers make a difference in this world, answers that heals the divides among peoples, that brings liberation to the captives, sight to the blind, and healing to the wounded. My work is to show people how they can come to see this Jesus, the one I call “Jesus of the East,” and how he has brought wholeness and flourishing to all.

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About Phuc Luu

Born in Vietnam and raised in Houston, Texas, Phuc Luu is creating a place in his work where art, philosophy, and theology intersect.

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Synopsis of Jesus of the East

Much of Western Christianity does not contain the story of Jesus who was a Palestinian Jewish healer and liberator, a servant to the sick and oppressed. This was due to the theological ideas that won out in debates argued by the religious leaders and the politically powerful. Rather, we have inherited a religion of the status quo, a Jesus who served to satisfied the anger of a punitive God, a great law enforcer. Jesus of the East is the story of the one who sought to heal the wounds of the “sinned against” and broken of our society. It is the Jesus of the Eastern Church Fathers and Minjung, People’s, theology, that shows that liberation for some means liberation for all.