Writer, Philosopher, Theologian, Artist
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Book: Jesus of the East

I took a year off from teaching to write a book that emerges from conversations with theologians, activists, pastors, lay leaders, and everyday people, like you and me, and have come to see that the Jesus that we have in the West is not the Jesus who appeared on the scene two millennia ago as a Palestinian, Jewish, itinerant healer who preached a gospel of liberation and peace. It is a Jesus of Constantine’s empire - a Jesus who saves the sinners, but ignore the sinned against. This book this retelling of the story of the 



F***ing Shakespear Podcast

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Red Dusk by Phuc Luu

Red Dusk by Phuc Luu

Abstract Painting
Mission: To bring my exploration of nature and humanity into your own space

I am a writer, philosopher, and theologian, but what gives me equal joy is the gift of painting. I have created works of art and installations in many homes across Houston, have been featured in the Houston Chronicle on the subject of art and religion, and have published on the subjects of art and culture. 


My paintings merge modernist abstract expressionism with eastern landscape paintings. They reflect the union between nature, transcendence, interiority, human identity, and story. They are type of abstract expressionist “landscape” that both “look out” and “look in.” They form the intersection between my story and the viewers’ story. We all are immersed in the narrative of humanity, of suffering and hope, and through the medium of painting I wish to find this connection between the art and the viewer.